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Company profile

Our company was established in year 2001 by owner Jan Liszka. Our activities are focused to provide services in automation of technological processes. You can meet results of our work in seven countries of the world and on three continents. We provide to our customers constantly enhanced experiences proofed by practice and we release all our energy to solve customer's tasks.

"The way to the smooth control ..."

Overview of our activities

  • Basic design of control system
  • Technology and task analyzing and its algorithming
  • Creating control software
  • Creating HMI software - operator stations

Industrial automation

  • Creating supporting applications for data management
  • Industrial network design
  • Technical support during start-up of technology process
  • Warranty support

All with close cooperation with customer whom satisfaction is the main aim. Complete satisfaction of customer can be reached only by combining the newest HiTech engineering and technical know-how as :

  • Smart transmitter
  • "Wire reduced" transmitter and actuator connection ( Profibus DP ...)
  • Fast and powerful PLC ( SIMATIC S7 ... )
  • Fast and wide communication ( Industrial Ethernet ... )
  • Synoptical man-machine interface ( InTouch ... )

and time-proofed human quality

  • credibility
  • punctuality
  • promptitude
  • brightness

If you expect these attributes from your supplier than contact us, please. We are pleased if we can discuss our cooperation with you personally.