Analog Inputs Organizer version 3.3





According to our experience the biggest portion of time during programming control system

based on PLC - HMI configuration eats off defining and creating appropriate data for analog

inputs reading, scaling and displaying. For this never-ending jobs we offer our

solution - Analog Input Organizer. ..Download..


Analog Input Organizer is compact application containing years of experiences with

PLCs & HMIs which :


* removes monotonous operations

* reduces time of programming to minimum

* increases credibility

* saves memory space in the CPU

* build system opened for next changes


of your PLC - HMI applications which are based on


* SIMATIC S7 - 400 or S7 - 300




* InTouch Wonderware


* Win CC SIEMENS ( AS OS transfer is supported )



General function.

Analog Input Organizer package comprises of MS Windows application AI_Org.exe

and FC100 for STEP 7 program for loop reading of AI. FC100 treats in loop a number of AIs form

consequent address area. Appropriate attributes for these AIs are stored in datablock.

AI_Org.exe prepares data for creating this datablock as external source file x.awl and

appropriate x.csv files for LOADing (InTouch) or IMPORTing (WinCC) in their database of tags.

LIST OF ANALOG INPUTS is used as source information for generation output data in AI_Org.

This list can be opened from a csv file or entered in AI_Org.exe from clipboard.

All operations are optimized to "really" save time of programming. You will do only 5 steps to

generate all necessary data for complete analog inputs treatment.


1.        Copy list from Excel sheet (project designer mostly gives LIST OF ANALOG INPUTS in Excel sheet)

2.        Paste it in AI_Org table

3.        Push button "GENERATE"

4.        Open external source .awl of STEP7 & compile in Source File Editor

5.        DBLOAD or IMPORT x.csv file to HMI


Because of the difference of graphic design of different producer of HMI system we don't provide in standard
package any windows to display data in InTouch even in WinCC. Nevertheless we can - on request - provide this

windows created according your requirements or we can provide you our standard windows



























Principle of FC 100 :




















Ø       AI_Org JL - application for preparing data

Ø       SIMATIC S7 - FC100 - runtime function to read AI from PIW & treatment

Ø       SIMATIC S7 - DB100 - datablock to store AI controls & status

Ø       InTouch Wonderware - x.csv file for DBLOAD tool

Ø       Win CC SIEMENS - x_vex.csv file for VARIABLE IMPORT tool

Ø       Authorization of AI_org.exe for full functionality ..Download..





Graphical form of provided Analog Input Organizer resources.


We provide our suggested windows to display the basic info of actuators example InTouch application.

Nevertheless we can - on request - provide this windows created according your requirements.