AI_Org is freely distributed as DEMO version.


You can buy FULL version at company : Jan Liszka

A.Jiraska 163

CZ-739 61 TRINEC

Czech republic

ICO: 73007412



Tel : +420 604 712 936








For full functionality is necessary to send us the installation code.

Installation code is generated by first run of AI_Org.exe.

According to the installation code we will assign you the authorization code.

Authorization code you use in HELP - ABOUT window to enable full functionality of one installation of program.

During this authorization process is also generated in directory where you have installed AI_Org.exe new

file AI_Orgs7.zip where the STEP7 project with appropriate blocks is zipped.

For unzipping this file you can use Retrieve function from STEP7 Manager.

Each using of FC100 must be paid. FC 100 has no restrictions built inside nevertheless it is not shareware or freeware. JL.

One license of FC100 is included in AI_Org package a therefore can be normally used.





Procedure of authorizing :



Ø       Start AI_Org.exe for first time.

Ø       Note the install code ( is also saved in ainstlog.txt file )

Ø       Send installation code by e-mail to : jan.liszka@liszka.cz and specify how you want to get your authorization code

Ø       You will get authorization code by e-mail or by fax .( You will get invoice as confirmation of the payment )

Ø       After receiving authorization code start AI_Org.exe , open HELP - About, click Authorization

Ø       Type authorization code to the edit field and click "FULL VERSION"