Runtime software of Analog Input Organizer - FC 100 Function of STEP 7






Runtime part of Analog Input Organizer package is function of STEP 7 program for PLC SIMATIC S7-300 of S7-400.

Complete STEP 7 project with this function appears in your installation directory of AI_Org after authorization.

It is file For unzipping this file you can use Retrieve function from STEP7 Manager.

This function FC100 - AI_Treat is written in STL language of STEP 7. FC100 reads AI from PIW, recalculate it to physical

units, makes plausibility checks, filters, sets alarm limits and switch points. For number consequent AIs in the loop.

All data are saved in DB100


FC 100 & DB100 - can be freely renumbered to any allowed number !

FC 100 uses NO marker from memory ( M ) area inside





Number of treated AI is not limited by FC100 but by allowed length of datablock where appropriate values for

AI treatment are stored. FC100 is called on the beginning of OB 1. FC 100 has some parameters which define

its exact behavior.

One of the parameters is DB100 which is generated by using AI_Org.exe.


FC100 can be called multiple times and can reference different data areas.







Start_Addr_PIW : address of first AI in the continuos area

Count_AI : count of AIs which should be treated in the loop ( in one pass of thtis FC )

DB_Val : DB for AI treatment ( DB created in AI_Org.exe - with appropriate structure )

Start_Byte_DB : number of first byte of data for AI treatment.



This example shows case of treating 6 AIs where first start on PIW 512. The appropriate data are stored

in DB 100 from DBB0 ( byte 0 )



On request we can provide printout of block FC100.





One pass in the loop of AI treatment covers this functions