CSV file for importing tags to WinCC tag database is generated in Act_Org.exe and is passed after generation to

the user as text file projectname_vex.csv and it is also copied to the clipboard from which can be pasted to the Excel sheet

where can be still modified and saved.

For normal use no modification of _vex.csv file is necessary !
The file can be directly imported by IMPORT Tool to tag database !

CSV file structure exactly match required structure of IMPORT tool !







Before generating of import data is necessary to do some settings of appropriate parameters. For WinCC file is

recommended modify Connection name from its default "SIMATIC_1" to the name which is defined in your real project.

This setting is done on page WinCC setting of Act_Org.exe

Connecton name of your real project can be find in

WinCC explorer -> Tag management -> "SIMATIC S7 PROTOCOL SUITE ".

In case the name is not modified the default name "SIMATIC_1" is used.

Tags are divided to the groups with name of base of name of actuator.



Example :


Symbol of actuator is M101 then group M101 is created and tags M101_IZ, M101_QZ, . M101_RE are placed

to this group.