Runtime software of Actuators organizer - FC x Functions of STEP 7






Runtime part of Actuator Organizer package are function of STEP 7 program for PLC SIMATIC S7-300 of S7-400.

Complete STEP 7 project with this function appears in your installation directory of AI_Org after authorization.

It is file For unzipping this file you can use Retrieve function from STEP7 Manager.

This functions are written in FBD / STL language of STEP 7.


FC 3 - covers basic motor functions ( fan, pump, conveyor )

FC 4 - covers basic valve functions ( Open / CLOSE valve, flap, cylinder, solenoid )

FC 5 - covers basic motor functions with frequency converter

FC 6 - covers basic motor functions ( fan, pump, conveyor ) - reversible

FC 7 - covers basic valve functions for valve with middle position ( Open / Stop / CLOSE, two outputs valve, flap, cylinder )



All runtime data are saved in DB102 and in appropriate memory area


DB102 - can be freely renumbered to any allowed number !


FC 3, FC 4, FC 5, FC 6, FC7 use : M 0.2 as second pulse

M 0.1 as logical 1

M 0.0 as logical 0









Number of actuator is limited by allowed length of datablock where appropriate attributes for

actuators are stored. In one DB can be stored data for cca. 200 actuators.


Source file for DB102 is generated by using AI_Org.exe.


FC 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 can be called multiple times.






Motor function







Valve function